Sukoun is tranquility, a pause in time to reflect on the beauty of art.

That has been our philosophy at Sukoun Gallery since our beginning in 1993. Although our business is diverse in interior design, furniture, accessories, and construction; our passion remains the beauty of art and design throughout everything we do.

Naturally, when we expanded our business in Beirut, Lebanon, we stayed true to our passion and began also working with antiques and fine carpets. This has given us a portfolio rich with a variety of art pieces in addition to our other fields of expertise.

We have participated in many shows and trade exhibitions in the Middle East, and the region, showcasing our work and unique art objects.

As of 2012 Sukoun began making a name in the industry in Dubai, UAE, continuing our journey of fine art and unique design in this metropolitan and diverse city. We continued to grow, and in 2015 Sukoun Gallery was established, showcasing our finest art pieces, from antiques and sculptures, to fine handcrafted carpets, in addition to being the headquarters for our interior design consultancy.